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Marcus Walker
Portrayed by Cornelius Smith Jr.
6x02 - Marcus Walker 03
OPA Character
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Full name: Marcus Walker
Gender: Male
Born: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Current Relationship:
Character Information
First appearance: "The Lawn Chair"

Marcus Walker A civil rights activist and a former client of OPA. He was a Gladiator and working for Olivia Pope & Associates but after the Presidential Election 2016, he was employed by The White House and now works as Press Secretary.


The character of Marcus Walker is a main character. First seen in Season Four in the episode "The Lawn Chair" portrayed by Cornelius Smith Jr..

Season Four

When Clarence Parker's son was shot and killed in Washington, Marcus was one of the first people on the crime scene. He refused to help Olivia Pope, but he was there to support Clarence (his friend). ("The Lawn Chair")

Marcus called Olivia Pope, when he tried to save the Mayor Wife's life. OPA arrived at the scene with Marcus covered in blood and the Mayor's Wife dead on the bed. ("I'm Just a Bill")

Season Five

Quinn Perkins offers him a job in the middle of the familiar “gladiator in a suit” speech she once received. Marcus Walker turns down the offer, then he accepts it - He’s ready to Gladiator. Marcus defies Quinn and Huck’s direct orders by attacking the press. Their new strategy is to accuse the media of dog-whistle politics, aka racism, sexism, misogyny and more. ("Dog-Whistle Politics")


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