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Love triangle

Love Triangles There are many love triangles in Scandal

Appearances: Season One, Season Two, Season Three, Season Four, Season Five


Scandal is known to have a countless number of love triangles and it usually doesn't end well for anyone. Most of them start off as crushes and escalate quite quickly into strong physical relationships.


These are the current and past love triangles that have occurred through the five seasons on Scandal.

Fitzgerald Grant, Mellie Grant and Olivia PopeEdit

  • Fitz Grant and Mellie Grant - (Melitz)
  • Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant - (Olitz)

Fitzgerald Grant, Jake Ballard and Olivia Pope and Edit

  • Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant - (Olitz)
  • Olivia Pope and Jake Ballard - (Olake)

Andrew Nichols, Fitzgerald Grant and Mellie Grant and Edit

  • Fitz Grant and Mellie Grant - (Melitz)
  • Mellie Grant and Andrew Nichols - (Meldew)

Andrew Nichols, Elizabeth North and Mellie GrantEdit

  • Mellie Grant and Andrew Nichols - (Meldew)
  • Elizabeth North and Andrew Nichols - (Lizdrew)

David Rosen, Elizabeth North and Susan RossEdit

Cyrus Beene, Michael Ambruso and Tom LarsenEdit

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