Lois Moore
Portrayed by Fran Bennett
4x10 - Lois Moore 01
Deceased Character
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Gender: Female
Born: July 28, 1938
Hair color: Grey
Eye color: Green
Residence: Washington, D.C
Episode of Death: Run
Cause of Death: Shot in the chest
Past Relationships:
  • Rose (partner)
  • John † (husband)
  • Parents
Character Information
Portrayed by: Fran Bennett
Appears in: "Run"
Appearance Count: 1

Lois lived across the hall from Olivia. When Olivia was kidnapped, she was held hostage by Ian Woods and eventually killed after they used her apartment to hold Olivia and the other hostages.

Death Edit

Lois was a hostage, along with Olivia, being held at her apartment. After they were done, they told Lois that it was all over, but Olivia saw that they had a gun and were ready to shoot her, and tried to warn her, though her mouth was covered. Lois thought Olivia was scared and tried to comfort her, but they soon shot her and killed her.

Lois' Body is Found Edit

Rose went to Olivia, thinking that Lois went missing, and showed her that something wasn't right, since Lois left her wallet at home. The police just thought she was on vacation or needed some time alone. Rose later came to Olivia, telling her that Lois had a hip replacement, and the serial number maybe could help track her down. Huck and Quinn found Lois' body dumped in a local park, Olivia lied and told Rose that she died from an aneurysm.

Romantic Relationships Edit

Rose Edit

Lois and Rose met when they were 16. When Lois' parents realized that Lois was gay, they moved her out of the state. When John died, Lois sent Rose a letter, and Rose was on a plane a hour later to resume their relationship. Rose told Olivia that the reason she never moved in was because Lois kept her apartment too hot.

John Edit

After her parents moved out of the state, Lois married John. After he died, Lois resumed her relationship with Rose.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Lois had a titanium joint hip replacement one year before her death. Rose was with her for the surgery.
  • She liked to go to the movies.
  • Rose is her power of attorney.
  • She and Rose used to go on vacation every August.
  • She and Rose power walked every day.
  • Rose gave her a medical-alert bracelet, but she didn't wear it because Lois said it made her feel old.