Andrew and Elizabeth is the relationship between Elizabeth North and Andrew Nichols. It was discovered that Elizabeth and Andrew were having an affair by Olivia Pope & Associates, while they were trying to find who bugged Elizabeth's phone.

  • Andrew and Elizabeth are called Lizdrew by Scandal Fans (Gladiators)

Season Four Edit

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It is discovered by Huck and Quinn that Elizabeth North is having an affair with Andrew Nichols; while they are staking out Elizabeth North's Penthouse when Olivia Pope & Associates investigate the connection between Dan Kubiak, Andrew and Elizabeth. "The Last Supper"

They both conspire with Dan Kubiak to make sure the war against West Angola happens by forcing by forcing President Fitz Grant's hand, Andrew does this by taking the one thing that Fitz cannot live without; Olivia. After Olivia Pope is kidnapped by Andrew and he refuses to sign a the letter of resignation, Cyrus forces Elizabeth to testify against Andrew or he will have her arrested and thrown into jail. "Where the Sun Don't Shine"

Mellie tells Elizabeth that Andrew is out of control and he needs to be shut down. Elizabeth goes to the only person she knows that can take care of him, Huck. She tells him to kill him but he refuses because he says he "doesn't do that anymore", instead he injects Andrew in his back with causes him to have a stroke. The last time we see him is when Mellie goes to see him in Hospital. "No More Blood"

Season FiveEdit

When it was discovered by Olivia Pope & Associates that Andrew was planning to write a tell-all book with the help from Lillian Forrester. Elizabeth suggested that all of the people involved (the people that knew about Andrew Kidnapping Olivia Pope) kill Andrew to silence him once and for all. Most of the group disagree but again Elizabeth goes to her friend Huck and asks him to take care of Andrew. Again, instead of killing Andrew, Huck stabs hi in the neck with another needle. "Thwack!"


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