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Leo Bergen
Portrayed by Paul Adelstein
Biographical Information
Full name: Leo Bergen
Current Occupation/s:
  • Campaign Consultant
  • Special Assistant to the VP
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Character Information
First appearance: More Cattle, Less Bull
Latest appearance: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Appearance Count: 8

I am always your first call!

— Leo to Sally Langston, A Door Marked Exit

Leo Bergen is a campaign consultant, second best to Olivia Pope. He works for Sally Langston as her "Special Assistant" which is just a fancy way of saying that he's her campaign consultant and it gives him access to The White House.


Leo was originally sought out by Cyrus Beene and First Lady Mellie Grant to run Fitz's reelection campaign. But he turned them down because he doesn’t take on a candidate he knows will lose.

Desperate to get him back Cyrus seeks the aide of the vice president, Sally Langston to convince Leo that they're a winning ticket. However Sally has a different plan in mind. She confronts Leo in the men's room at The White House Correspondent’s dinner. She surprises Leo with hypothetical questions about running for president. Leo has his concerns about her running against a sitting president in her own party. But Sally tells him that she plans to run as a third party candidate, and Independent candidate. (More Cattle, Less Bull)

Leo meets with Vice President Sally Langston and her husband Daniel Douglas at their home in Georgetown. Sally and Leo begin to talk strategy and how to go about resigning as the sitting Vice President strategically and appropriately.

Leo comes up with the plan to spark some religious leaders to speak out against Fitz's indiscretions. Reverend Cole does so. Once Cyrus sees this he contacts Sally to speak with Reverend Cole. As Sally says, “Hook, line and sinker.” Basically Cyrus fell for the bait. The plan is to sit down with the good outspoken reverend and talk to him about endorsing Sally as a third party presidential candidate. But what Leo didn’t suspect is that Cyrus already suspected what Sally was up to, so Cyrus setup the TV interview Reverend Cole did in order to “hook, line and sinker” Sally to see if she was betraying them – Fitz, Mellie & Cyrus. This time around Leo's plan failed... for now! (Icarus)

When Leo finally finalized Sally's candidacy, Leo told her that she will betray the Christian conservatives that helped her by becoming pro-choice, telling her that it is the only way she will win. Leo convinced her. To his dismay however, after the death of Sally's husband, Daniel Douglas, Sally seemed skeptical about proceeding with her candidacy. During Sally's outburst, Leo realized that she had killed her husband and that she called the White House for help. Leo told her that she should have called him. (A Door Marked Exit)



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