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Lazarus 1 is one of the main story lines of Season Five of Scandal.


Lazarus 1 is an initiative to restart B613 with a new Command, some of the current and past B614 agents teamed up to take out Rowan.

B613 AgentsEdit

These are all of the B613 agents that are involved in the Lazarus 1 initiative.



5x04 - Charlie and Jake 2

Jake Ballard asks Charlie for help - to find out who started Lazarus 1

5x06 - Rowan and Olivia

Rowan asks his daughter Olivia Pope for help and then tells her that someone is trying to kill him

5x06 - Elise and Jake 01

Jake finds Elise with a bullet through her chest at the train station they were supposed to meet at

5x09 - Huck and Rowan

Huck emotionally tortures Rowan after kidnapping him


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