Kurt Fuller - born September 16, 1953 in San Francisco, CA - is an American character actor who portrayed Grayden Osborne in second season on ABC's Scandal. He has appeared in a number of television, film and stage projects.

Personal BackgroundEdit

Although he was born in San Francisco he was raised in the agricultural heartland of California’s San Joaquin Valley. Kurt became passionate about acting while attending UC Berkley where he received a degree in English literature. After graduating he made the move to Los Angeles with everything he owned stuffed in the back of a Dodge Dart (including a king-sized foam rubber mattress). For the next ten years he was a realtor by day and a stage actor by night. Then, in 1986, he created the leading role of "Frank" in Steven Berkoff's explosively successful Kvetch, earning rave reviews on both coasts.

He is married author and actress Jessica Hendra on December 24, 1993; together they have two daughters, Julia born in 1998 and Charlotte born in 2001. Kurt graduated from Lincoln High School in Stockton, California in 1971.

Career BackgroundEdit

Kurt is best known for his work in the films Wayne's World (1992) with Mike Myers and Anger Management (2003) with Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler, although others may know him best as the wacky sheriff who likes to pose in Speedos in Scary Movie (2000).

He was worked with some of Hollywood's best directors, including Paul Schrader, Ridley Scott, Wim Wenders, Taylor Hackford, Mike Newell, Harold Ramis, Brian De Palma and Ivan Reitman.

Kurt still returns to the stage occasionally. His most recent theatre work was "The Cosmonaut's Last Message" at the La Jolla Playhouse, and the highly acclaimed "The Waiting Room" at The Mark Taper Forum.

TV RolesEdit

TV Recurring RolesEdit

TV Show Character No. of Episodes Year(s)
Psych Woody the Coroner 20 2009-2013
Parenthood Dr. Bedsloe 4 2012-2013
The Good Wife Judge Peter Dunaway 3 2011-2012
Better with You Joel Putney 22 2010-2011
Supernatural Zachariah 7 2009-2010
Big Day Steve 12 2006-2007
Desperate Housewives Detective Barton 5 2005-2006
Boston Legal Reverend Donald Diddum 3 2005
Alias Robert Lindsey 6 2003
The West Wing SitRoom Civilian Advisor 7 2009-2010
That’s My Bush! Karl Rove 8 2001
Chicago Hope Artie Lomax 2 1998-1999

TV Guest RolesEdit

TV Show Character Episode Year
Drop Dead Diva Henry Bingum Senti-Mental Journey 2010
Men of a Certain Age Scrapulla Manager Back in the Sh*t 2010
Glee Mr. McClung Preggers 2009
Eli Stone Doug Stemple Tailspin 2009
Grey’s Anatomy Jerry Physical Attraction… Chemical Reaction 2007
Shark Ben Bentley For Whom the Skel Rolls 2007
Ugly Betty Mr. Tanen How Betty Got Her Grieve Back 2007
My Name Is Earl Mr. Baldwyn G.E.D. 2010
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Sheriff Ned Bastille Ending Happy 2007
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Ted Atkins Monday 2007
The 4400 Keane Driscoll Graduation Day 2006
Yes, Dear Doctor Jimmy Has Changed 2005
Charmed John Norman Carpe Demon 2005
House M.D. Mark Adams Poison 2005
Monk Dennis Gammill Mr. Monk and the Very Very Old Man 2003
Judging Amy Leonard Zook Maxine Interrupted 2003
The Guardian Frank DeScala Understand Your Man 2003
Felicity Paul Korsikoff Back to the Future 2002
Boston Public Ken Thomas Chapter Thirty-Five 2002
Malcolm in the Middle Mr. Young Hal Quits 2001
The Practice Mr. Lawrence Target Practice 1999
Dharma & Greg David Saunders The House That Dharma Built 1998
Murder, She Wrote Sheriff Milo Pike A Quaking in Aspen 1995
Ellen Dr. Collins The Refrigerator 1994
Cagney & Lacey Lorca Waste Deep 1987
Knight Rider Cameraman Speed Demons 1984


Motion Pictures & Indie FilmsEdit

Title Character Year Type
The Frozen Ground D.A. Pat Clives 2013 Motion Picture (completed)
The Silent Thief Howard Henderson 2012 Independent Film
Midnight in Paris John 2011 Motion Picture
The Prankster Dean Pecarino 2010 Independent Film
BoyBand Earl Roberts 2010 Independent Film
Major Movie Star Cousin Barry 2008 Motion Picture
Superhero Movie Bank Loan Officer 2008 Motion Picture
Mr. Woodcock Councilman Luke 2007 Motion Picture
The Pursuit of Happiness Walter Ribbon 2006 Motion Picture
The Civilization of Maxwell Bright Berdette 2005 Independent Film
Don't Come Knocking Mr. Daily 2005 Independent Film
Ray Sam Clark 2004 Motion Picture
Anger Management Frank Head 2003 Motion Picture
Auto Focus Werner Klemperer 2002 Motion Picture
The New Guy Mr. Udine 2002 Independent Film
Joshua Father Pat Hayes 2002 Independent Film
Scary Movie The Sheriff 2003 Motion Picture
Pushing Tin Ed Clabes 1999 Motion Picture
The Fan Bernie 1996 Motion Picture
French Exit Stubin 1995 Independent Film
Stuart Saves His Family Von Arks 1995 Independent Film
Calendar Girl Arturo Gallo 1993 Motion Picture
Wayne's World Russell Finley 1992 Motion Picture
Ghostbusters II Jack Hardemeyer 1989 Motion Picture

TV Movies & Short FilmsEdit

Title Character Year Type
Mr. Payback Bennett 2013 Short Film
Family Trap Steve 2012 TV Movie
Love and Germophobia' Dr. Robinson 2012 Short Film
Legally Mad Lou Peable 2010 TV Movie
Arrow Heads Wally 2009 Short Film
Van Wilder: Freshman Year Dean Charles Reardon 2009 Video
I'm Not Gay DA 2005 Short Film
Joint Custody Unknown Character 2005 TV Movie
Live from Baghdad Inky 2002 TV Movie
Porn 'n Chicken Dean Widehead 2002 TV Movie
Angels in the Infield Simon 2000 TV Movie
The Beach Boys: An American Family Mike Love's Dad 2000 TV Movie
The Jack Bull Conrad 1999 TV Movie
Principal Takes a Holiday Principal Frank Hockenberry 1998 TV Movie
Twisted Desire Detective Becker 1996 TV Movie
Virus Dr. Williams 1995 TV Movie
Stormy Weathers Ernie Horshack 1992 TV Movie



External LinksEdit

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