2x19 - Charlie, Huck and Kim

Kim and Huck

Appearances: Season Two, Season Three, and Season Four

Kim and Huck is the relationship between Kim and Huck


They married and bought a house when Kim found out she was pregnant shortly after Huck started working for the CIA.


Season TwoEdit

Huck knew he was not supposed to be married or have kids he still chose to do so because he loved Kim. Not too long after their son, Javi, was born Charlie payed a visit to their home reminding Huck about the "rules" at the CIA. Huck knew he had to get Kim and Javi far away from Command, Crosby and the CIA so he had them pack up. But before he could get away with them, he was taken away by the CIA. Kim never saw him again! It is unknown whether or not she divorced him or kept his last name - whatever that may be - or had Huck claimed dead. "(Seven Fifty-Two)"

Season ThreeEdit

Season FourEdit

"(The Key)"

"(The Last Supper)"



Serial Killer Huck His Double Life

Serial Killer Huck His Double Life