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Josie Marcus
Portrayed by Lisa Kudrow
3x05 - Josie Marcus 01
Character Information
Full name: Josephine Marcus
Status: Alive
Age: 45
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Light Blue
Current Occupation/s:
  • U.S. Represenative of Montana
  • Congresswoman Marcus
Past Relationships:
  • Husband †
  • Billy Joe Lee (ex-boyfriend)
  • Louise † (mother)
  • Candace Marcus (biological daughter)
  • Brent (cousin)
  • Lee Ann Howard
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Lisa Kudrow
First appearance: Say Hello to My Little Friend
Final appearance: Vermont is for Lovers, Too
Last mentioned: YOLO
Appearance Count: 4

This was your idea and yet you are here thanking me for inviting you into my "lovely home". That's what you say to the neighbor lady who baked you chocolate chip cookies.

— Josie to James Novak, Icarus

Josephine "Josie" Marcus is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Montana.


The character of Josie Marcus was a recurring character for the beginning of the third season of the ABC series, Scandal.


Season 3

She grew up in Red Springs, Montana. When Josie was 15-years-old she got pregnant, had a baby and claimed to have given the baby up for adoption. During her pregnancy her family moved out of their hometown to keep it quiet; when they returned they told the town that her mother Louise gave birth to a second daughter, Candace. The secret went to her mothers grave. Only very few people knew the true identity of Josie’s daughter/sister.

Josie married a a man who fought in the war against Afghanistan, but sadly he died while fighting. After his death she began to speak out about the war. That led to her being elected as a congresswoman for Montana. From there she voiced more, which led to her deciding to run for president.

During her run in the primary Democratic presidential elections Josie hired Olivia Pope to have her keep this secret under wraps. But Cyrus Beene found out about the pregnancy when he sent an aide, Ethan to Montana to dig up dirt. Cyrus leaked this information to Josie’s fellow Democratic candidate, Governor Samuel Reston. Reston tries to paint Josie, a first-term Congresswoman, as unexperienced, so she highlights her military experience in the Gulf War.

During a debate Governor Reston hinted that she was keeping a secret; so upon Olivia’s advice she told the truth… well almost all of the truth. Josie’s sister/daughter put two and two together and stormed off. So Josie fired Olivia. But after a long night of Josie and Candace talking she returned to the office of Olivia Pope & Associates where she asked Olivia to run her campaign. (More Cattle, Less Bull)

Against Olivia's advice Josie drops out of the Democratic presidential campaign after Candi - her daughter/sister - tries to set up Governor Reston for stealing her laptop. (Vermont is for Lovers, Too)


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