Joan Reston
Portrayed by Brenda Strong
Other Character
Character Information
Status: In Prison
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brunette
  • Joanie
Significant Other:
Past Relationships:
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Brenda Strong
First appearance: All Roads Lead to Fitz
Latest appearance: The Fluffer
Appearance Count: 2

And then one Tuesday night in November it all went away. A headline in "The Sun" the next morning wasn't even a headline. It was number. 4,359-- That's how many votes we lost the presidency by. One county in Ohio changed our lives.

— Joan to Olivia Pope, All Roads Lead to Fitz

Joan Reston is the wife of Governor Samuel Reston, the governor of Maryland. She is currently in jail for causing the death of her lover, Bill Meyer.


The character of Joan Reston is a minor recurring character who has appeared in only one episode in Season Two and Season Three.


Joan stood by her husbands side all the way through the first presidential election race between President Fitzgerald Grant and her husband Governor Samuel Reston but sadly they lost by 4,359 votes due to the vote rigging caused by the Defiance conspirators - Hollis Doyle, Verna Thornton, Cyrus Beene, First Lady Mellie Grant & Olivia Pope - where the voting machines in Defiance, Ohio were rigged by Jesse Tyler.

After the loss of her husbands election he became distant and she had to keep hearing about those 4, 359 votes. To deal with he stress of her husbands anger she began having an affair with their contractor, Bill Meyer.

However one night Governor Reston came home early, so to cover herself she cried "rape" which then led to the governor shooting Bill Meyer. Governor Reston called Olivia Pope to help "fix" the situation. After her team did some digging Olivia learned that Bill & Joan were having an affair. But little to Joan's knowledge her husband did know about the affair and planned the shooting. Olivia of course figured all of this out. But she didn't turn him in, instead Joan took the fall for her husband's crime and went to jail. (All Roads Lead to Fitz)

Approximately one year later when President Grant, Governor Reston and Vice President Sally Langston were in the final stages of their presidential race Abby Whelan - from Team Fitz - leaked information about the Governor Reston's knowledge of the affair to Sally's campaign manager, Leo Bergen.

Leo took the bait and went to see Mrs. Reston in jail and confront her about this new knowledge. A few days later her husband, Samuel, came to visit her as he did on a weekly basis. Joan confronted Samuel with this new information and he admitted is part in the crime and threatened to have her shipped off to an asylum if she talked. Little did the two of them know that their conversation was being recorded. With this recording Governor Reston was forced with withdraw his candidacy in the president run. (The Fluffer)



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