Jerry Grant Jr.
Portrayed by Dylan Minnette
Deceased Character
Character Information
Full name: Fitzgerald Thomas Grant IV
Status: Deceased
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Episode of Death: The Price of Free and Fair Election
Cause of Death: Bacterial meningitis caused by poisoning
Residence: Boarding School
Significant Other:
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Dylan Minnette
First mentioned: Snake in the Garden
First appearance: Mama Said Knock You Out
Latest appearance: The Price of Free and Fair Election
Last mentioned: Where's the Black Lady?
Appearance Count: 3

Jerry Grant Jr.  was President Fitzgerald Grant & President Mellie Grant's eldest son and Karen Grant & Teddy Grant's brother.


The character of Jerry Grant, Jr. (IV) was a supporting character who made his first debut appearance in the last half of the third season but after his death he was only mentioned ("referred to") in Season Four. Prior to his on screen appearances he was "mentioned" a few times in Season Two and a few in Season Three.



Jerry came to the White House, along with his sister, Karen from boarding school to do interview. During his stay, he disliked his father's presidential campaign and his father was extremely angry when he bought a Reston campaign shirt.


He was killed/assassinated by Secret Service Agent / "Undercover" B613 Operative Tom Larsen on orders from B613 Command, Rowan. Rowan had Fitz's son killed to punish Fitz for taking his child away from him. After his death his family spiraled out of control. His sister began to skip classes, ditched her secret service detail to party at a rave; his father began drinking heavily again and nearly committed suicide, his mother visited his grave once a week lying there and talking to his headstone.



Mackenzie Miller

Jerry was dating Mackenzie Miller. Mackenzie originally wanted to wait until after midterms to have sex, but because Leo needed Jerry's sperm for a paternity test, she had sex with him.