Jerry Grant
Portrayed by Barry Bostwick
Deceased Character
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Full name: Fitzgerald Grant, II
Gender: Male
Hair color: White
Eye color: Blue
Residence: California
Episode of Death: A Criminal, A Whore,
An Idiot, and a Liar

Cause of Death: Heart Attack
  • "Big Jerry"
  • Jer
  • Jay
Past Occupations:
  • Governor of California

U.S Senator from California

Character Information
Portrayed by: Barry Bostwick
First appearance: A Criminal, A Whore,
An Idiot, and a Liar
Latest appearance: Everything's Coming Up Mellie
Appearance Count: 2

I know that I've won fewer elections than you, but not because you are better than me because you are not. You are a petty man, you are an underhanded man, you are a small man, and I don't want to be you... not now, not ever.

Fitz to Jerry, A Criminal, A Whore, An Idiot, and A Liar

Fitzgerald Grant II, also known as Jerry, is the father of President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III, with whom he has a complicated relationship with.


The character of Jerry Grant is a minor supporting character; he supports the political backstory for Fitz Grant. He made his debut appearance in season two.


Little is known about Jerry's early life and childhood, but he apparently grew up with an abusive father. He would later claim that despite being harsh and cruel to Fitz, he was actually a good father by comparing himself to his own father. Jerry was a former politician who served two terms as governor and then several terms as a California State Senator. Loved by the masses and a very proud man, Fitz seems to hold a grudge against him, particularly for the fact that he has had a relationship with a prostitute named Hope, and his secretary and possibly other lovers before or after his mother's death. He dislikes being compared to him. For good reason though, as Jerry seems to think that his son cannot pull off anything on his own, particularly being president.

During his campaign, his team wanted Jerry to support and help them gain more votes by joining them, but Fitz is very disapproving of the idea from the beginning. Jerry comes and tries to prove that his techniques will win him support and dislikes Fitz' desire to have a "clean campaign". To further prove Fitz' point, he embarrasses his father in front of his team by reminding him of Hope.

The next morning, Jerry and Fitz have a very loud argument, causing Fitz to concede to his demands for some reason. Although his presence proves helpful to the campaign, Fitz is still nonetheless behind his opponent, and at Jerry's urging, the team resorts to dirty tricks against his opponent. In the end, after some words from Olivia Pope, Fitz does not go through with his father's plans. Jerry gets mad at him and Fitz finally stands up for himself. Jerry still does not have faith in his son, telling him that he is certain he will lose and that he does not think he was ever fit to lead.

Some time after that, Jerry has a heart attack and dies. Fitz hears of it through a text message while on a plane. He, along with Olivia and the others, attend his funeral and Fitz gives the eulogy for him, which apparently he made up and did not mean. He claims to be relieved that his father is now dead and he is now technically free from him and his judgments. Despite this, Fitz is clearly upset and grieves his death.

When Fitz first decided to run for Governor of California Jerry was there to pay for his campaign and endorse him. But when Cyrus wanted to use Fitz's military background by calling him a "war hero". Fitz didn't want that because of the truth about Operation Remington. Jerry was disappointed when Fitz joined the navy; he tried to protect his son by keeping him behind a desk, but Fitz had the chance to join a black ops team and took it; this unfortunately led to Operation Remington, where Fitz blew up Flight 522 with over 300 Americans on board. To cover it up Jerry headed the Congressional committee that looked into the "mechanical accident". (Everything's Coming Up Mellie)

One night when Fitz and Mellie were living with Jerry in California, after lots of alcohol, Jerry raped Mellie and quite possibly got her pregnant with Jerry, IV. (Everything's Coming Up Mellie)