Jeremy Winslow
Portrayed by Tim Ransom
4x05 - Jeremy Winslow 1
Deceased Character
Character Information
Full name: Jeremy Winslow
Hair color: Brown
Episode of Death: Baby Made a Mess
Cause of Death: Suicide
Significant Other:
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Tim Ransom
First appearance: Inside the Bubble
Latest appearance: Baby Made a Mess
Last mentioned: Where the Sun Don't Shine

Jeremy Winslow is Katherine Winslow's husband and Caitlin Winslow's father. Jeremy has his own law firm (West Angola Commercial Organization) and works with Dan Kubiak.


The character of Jeremy Winslow is a recurring character for Season Four of the series.


When Olivia Pope & Associates start to investigate the disappearance of Jeremy's daughter Caitlin Winslow, Olivia Pope surprises him at lunch. He tells her everything, Dan Kubiak killed Caitlin and her friend Faith because he wanted a key to a lock. Jeremy is terrified of Kubiak.


Jeremy kills himself in front of Quinn Perkins when she goes to confront him about why Caitlin was storing pictures of Olivia in a locker. (Baby Made a Mess)