Jennifer Fields
Portrayed by Chelsea Kurtz
Jennifer Fields
Deceased Character
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Full name: Jennifer Fields
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Episode of Death: "A Traitor Among Us"
Cause of Death: shot by Meg
  • Jenny
Past Occupations:
Character Information
Portrayed by: Chelsea Kurtz
First appearance: "Survival of the Fittest"
Final appearance: "Dead in the Water"
Appearance Count: 7

Jennifer Fields was Francisco Vargas's Campaign Videographer.


The character of Jennifer Fields was a supporting character for Season Six of Scandal.


Jennifer Fields worked as the videographer on Frankie Vargas's Campaign to document the campaign.

When Frankie first introduced Jennifer to Cyrus, Cyrus falsely assumed that there is something going on between Jennifer and Frankie. He told about this to Tom because he was worried that if there was something happening between Jennifer and Frankie, it would be a threat to the campaign, the presidency. Tom asked Cyrus what is the name of Jennifer and days later, Cyrus found out that Jennifer is badly beaten up. After being beaten up, Jennifer quit working on the campaign.

On the results night of the election, when Frankie was assassinated, Jennifer was the one to leave a voice message on the phone saying that it was Cyrus who killed Frankie. It was later revealed that Rowan was the one who made Jennifer leave the message in order to frame Cyrus for the assassination. Rowan then ordered Jake to kill Jennifer since she's now the loose end. But instead of killing Jennifer, Jake saved her, made her stay in a motel since she's innocent and not deserved to be killed. No one except Jake knew Jennifer was still alive until he told Olivia. Soon after Olivia knew, all of the OPA members knew. Meg, Jennifer's friend, who was also dating Huck at the time, asked him if she could see her friend Jennifer. When Huck brought her to the motel where Jennifer's been staying, Meg unexpectedly shot Jennifer in the chest. Jennifer then died right after. Meg killed her because at the time, Meg was working for Samantha Ruland and Peus who were trying to frame Cyrus and make Mellie the President. They were afraid that Jennifer could tell the truth if she was still alive so, they ordered Meg to kill her.

Relationships Edit

Romantic Edit

Francisco Vargas Edit

Jennifer liked Frankie Vargas. She had a crush on him but Frankie was happily married. They stayed really close on the campaign that Cyrus even assumed that Jennifer and Frankie were having an affair.

Friendships Edit

Meg Edit

Meg was Jennifer's best friend. They worked together on Frankie Vargas's campaign. Unfortunately, Peus and Samantha got to Meg and she ended up killing her own best friend Jennifer.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • She studied film and visual studies and graduated top of her class at Harvard.
  • She owned a cabin on Burke Lake which was blown up by Jake.


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