Portrayed by Jaden Betts
Javi 01 - 407
Other Character
Character Information
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Jaden Betts
Also Portrayed by: Jordan Carreras
First appearance: "Seven Fifty-Two"
Final appearance: "I See You"
Last mentioned: Where the Sun Don't Shine
Appearance Count: Javi#Appearances7

Found you! I tracked you down by your I.P. address. Pretty easy. I know you’re my dad!

— Javi to Huck, Baby Made a Mess

Javi is Kim and Huck's son.


The character of Javi is a minor supporting character adding to Huck's background before & after he joined B613. He was first seen in season two, portrayed by Jordan Carreras and returned a few years older in season four portrayed by Jaden Betts.


Kim has been raising Javi on her own. Five years ago, Javi inadvertently met Huck at the subway station while he was homeless. He asked his mom for a dollar to give him.

Years later, Huck went to Kim's house to see his son, but she won't let him. Huck instead communicated with his son through video games while playing against eachother. However, Javi was able to track Huck through his IP adresses and he confronted Huck, telling him that he knew he was his father. (Baby Made a Mess)

The two begin to have a relationship in the real world, all the while Javi is keeping this from his mom. Huck later takes Javi on a stake-out with him. While on the stakeout Huck is attacked by Dan Kubiak and is forced to kill him. Javi witnesses this event as he is coming back from getting ice cream. Terrified Javi runs away back home to his mom. (The Last Supper)

Huck tries to go to Kim to explain what happened, she won't listen or let him see Javi. (Where the Sun Don't Shine)



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