Jane North
Portrayed by Taylor Autumn Bertman
4x11 - Jane
Other Character
Character Information
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Taylor Autumn Bertman
First appearance: "Inside the Bubble"
Latest appearance: Where's the Black Lady?"
Last mentioned: "Trojan Horse"
Appearance Count: 3

Jane North is Elizabeth North's daughter.


The character of Jane North is a minor supporting character adding to Elizabeth North's family. First seen in Season Four portrayed by Taylor Autumn Bertman.


Season Four

Due to her connection with Andrew Nichols, Huck goes to visit Elizabeth North at her house while she is putting Jane to sleep. He tells her he will cut her open and make her watch if she doesn't find out where Olivia is; Huck gives "Lizzie" Twenty-Four hours. After the Twenty-Four hours are up Huck goes back to Elizabeth North's House; Elizabeth tells him: "If you hurt my Daughter, Oliva Pope is dead" , Huck then shows off his tool box. ("Where's the Black Lady?")


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