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Huck and Quinn is the relationship Huck and Quinn Perkins

Appearances: "Season One", "Season Two", "Season Three", "Season Four"

Huck and Quinn Perkins met when Quinn started working for Quinn Perkins & & Associates (Formerly Olivia Pope & Associates).

  • Huck and Quinn are called Huckelberry Quinn by Scandal Fans (Gladiators)


Quinn was kidnapped Quinn and moved her from California to DC to save her from prosecution of killing seven people and has excelled to a partnership at Olivia Pope & Associates.

Huck is teaching Quinn how to be a baby spy. After a while Quinn began to annoy Huck, because he is trying to keep her from not doing the things she increasingly wants to do. She loves the dark side that Huck wants hidden.

Season One

Sweet Baby

On Quinn's first day at Olivia Pope & Associates Huck finds her crying in the ladies room after Olivia just verbally attacked Amanda Tanner. Huck helps her get through the day by telling her not to let Olivia see her crying because Olivia doesn't believe in crying. Quinn asks Huck why Olivia hired her; he tells her that she's there because she needs "fixing". That they all need fixing. And not to question why Olivia took her in.

Dirty Little Secrets

When Quinn loses Amanda Tanner she goes to Huck for help on how to find her, asking him to do his thing and track her down. He suggests that Quinn should try her house first.

Hell Hath No Fury

Huck helps Quinn to be all set up for her "undercover" date with Gideon Wallace making sure everything she drinks is virgin and what Gideon drinks has extra alcohol in it. And he gives her tips on how to flirt but not over flirt. Unfortunately for Quinn, Gideon figured out the little ruse when Quinn wasn't playing slightly drunk! Better luck next time. She still has a lot to learn from Huck... and she get's the time.

Season Two

White Hat's Off

This is when it is officially revealed that Huck kidnapped Lindsay (aka Quinn) and brought her to DC.

The Other Woman

Lindsay aka Quinn goes to visit her dad and while in California she stops by the motel where she was abducted by - Huck - an unknown man to her knowledge. Huck comes to her and consoles her to help her understand that it wasn't 7 people who died in the Cytron explosion it was 8, he's including Lindsay Dwyer. After hearing this Huck takes Quinn back home to D.C.

Truth or Consequences

In a very unconventional way Huck confirms to Quinn - in front of Harrison & Abby - that he did in fact inject her with a drug, kidnap her, take her to DC and provide her with a new identity.

Nobody Likes Babies

Quinn comes to Huck offering him $5000 to kill Hollis Doyle; he tells her he'd do it for free. However, things aren't always that easy. Huck tells Quinn that if she goes through with this she can no longer be a gladiator, that she can't return to Olivia Pope & Associates. He reminds her that being a gladiator means getting justice not revenge. And what Quinn is looking for is revenge for what Hollis did to her first love, Jesse Tyler. She has the toughest decision to make... she chooses to stay. And she wants to learn from Huck; this is where their training begins.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Huck and Quinn work together to move Wendy's body; Huck is teaching Quinn how to clean up a crime scene; after she stabs the already dead Wendy, he tells her she's a natural at it.

Boom Goes the Dynamite

Quinn tries to help Huck, who is still suffering from PTSD after repeated water torture at the hands of the government who suspected he attempted to kill the President.

Top of the Hour

Quinn is trying to learn how to be a "follower", someone who tails a person. After a few failed attempts Huck gives her a bit of advice.

Snake in the Garden

Huck continues to take on Quinn as his protégé. He teaches her how to tail someone, more specifically CIA Director Grayden Osborne. Unfortunately, they discover they've been made by him once he pays an unannounced visit to Olivia's residence. They also work together on the kidnapping video of Hollis Doyle's daughter; he helps her to not just look but to listen for things you can't see on a video tape. Huck also provides Quinn with a new family; a family like the one he had that Becky Flynn killed.

Molly, You in Danger, Girl

Quinn's training from Huck continues more intensively. Huck trains her in the fine craft of searching for bugs; specifically in Olivia's residence, a task that has to be done every third Wednesday of the month, or as Huck calls it "Sweep Day". He accompanies her to the coroner's office to talk to investigator Noah Elliot about the assumed suicide of CIA Director Grayden Osborne; Quinn is trying to get information from Noah, but struggled so Huck guides her with what she is missing.

Once they locate information about the person who paid Molly they go to a storage facility, where Huck goes into the facility to check out the storage unit telling Quinn to sit in the car to surveillance and text him she suspects something is up. After all of her training, Quinn's put to the ultimate test when something goes awry.

Quinn watches people go in and out of a storage facility for a couple hours until she finally goes in to look for her him. Quinn goes all "Olivia" on the storage facility manager, Zeke, so she can review the security footage; she finds a problem with one of the cameras. Knowing Huck is in danger she searches through several storage units until she finds him locked in a wooden box in one. Quinn breaks him free and takes him back to OPA office.

Seven Fifty-Two

When the gladiators want to move Huck from his corner in his office Quinn tells them he likes it there, that it makes him feel safe. While Huck is in a trance state repeating 752 over-and-over, trying to get him to snap out of it she talks to Huck about how she pictured her life to be as Lindsay Dwyer with Jesse Tyler and with her dad still talking to her. But when she pictures it now it seems like a movie; she reminds him that he helped her get past her vengeance from Hollis Doyle.

Any Questions?

Quinn stops Huck from killing Charlie. She reminds him of something he told her. When she wanted Huck to kill Hollis Doyle he told her that if he did this she couldn't come back, she could no longer be a gladiator. (Nobody Likes Babies)

So like Quinn, Huck was left with a choice... a tough choice! For the first time in their relationship Quinn was more like the superior figure.

White Hat's Back On

Huck & Quinn go out on a mission to hunt down Billy Chambers after the OPA Team realizes that Billy has been the mysterious "Arbitrage" all along. They wait for him at apartment for him to come home. Quinn is all hyped up and can't sit still while they're waiting so when Billy walks through the door Huck chases after him.

Time to get the information from Billy of who has the infamous Cytron card. When it comes time to "torturing" Billy Huck just couldn't do it so Quinn steps in for her friend and partner taking the electronic screw-driver and driving it through Billy's thigh to get the info they needed.

After retrieving the information and leaving Billy alive but injured, they return to the office where Quinn is all hyped up like on an adrenalin high. She is just going on and on talking to Huck about how it felt to do that. But Huck still shocked that she could do that walks into his office and closes the door right in Quinn's face!

Season Three

It's Handled

Huck expresses concerns to Olivia that Quinn may be becoming too much like him, he informs Olivia that Quinn has not killed... yet!

Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington

After attacking Olivia in the garage, Huck takes a personal day, leaving Quinn behind to do all of the techie spy type of work. "Baby Huck" (aka Quinn) is struggling to hack into the FBI systems for Pope & Associates most recent client. Quinn begins to worry about Huck.

Meanwhile, Huck is off following Command aka Rowan aka Eli Pope aka Olivia's dad around Georgetown. Rowan was aware Huck was following him and he leaves Huck a present, a man to kill and make it look like a suicide.

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Quinn follows Huck to an A.A. meeting to make sure her friend, partner and mentor is doing okay. When Huck catches her there, practically spying on him, he is none too pleased. The way Huck described "drinking whiskey again and how much he liked it," Quinn puts two and two together and tells Huck that she's there for him, that he can talk to her and use the real words... "killed someone!"

Huck disappears from the office and when he returns Quinn is panicked and worried about him, asking him where has he been. But Huck realizes she doesn't really care about how he's doing; she only wants to hear all the gory stories and get that high from just listening about how he killed someone.

More Cattle, Less Bull

Quinn is grounded from the case for following Huck to his A.A. meeting, which for him is more of an Assassins Anonymous Meeting (K.A.A.)


Quinn, in great need of an adrenaline rush, turns to the gun range where she unexpectedly meets Charlie, Huck's arch nemesis. It is indicated that Quinn is still on the outs with Huck later in the episode when she askes if anyone who comes out of B613 is normal, to which Huck doesn't reply.

Everything's Coming Up Mellie

Everything seems to be back to normal now that Quinn is back with her fellow OPA associates but Huck still gives her the cold shoulder which drives her back to Charlie

Vermont is for Lovers, Too

OPA, specifically Huck is this much closer to finding out who killed the security guard: Quinn! Quinn is blindsided when Huck figures it out and decides to put justice into his own hands, by yanking Quinn's teeth out! This is the first time Huck as tortured a "family member". This is the beginning of the Quinn and Huck full-on feud.


Charlie walks in to find Quinn bloodied after Huck was done with her. Because of Quinn's accedental murder, Charlie reminds her that B613 owns her. He then welcomes her to Wonderland.

A Door Marked Exit

In order to get her life figured out, Quinn goes to OPA to talk to Huck, who insists he isn't sorry for what he did to her.

We Do Not Touch the First Ladies

Huck apologizes to Olivia about Quinn with Coffee. She then tells him he went too far, which he turns back on Olivia by saying she was the one who went too far by giving Huck someone to love. He blames Olivia for "giving" Quinn to him to save and take under his wing.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Finds evidence of Quinn's first assignment for B613 and pays her a visit in her apartment. He slams her against the wall, and tells her that she was broken and that he came to put her "down". He then tells her that she is good and talented and that he should have seen it coming. Quinn was able to turn herself around, still under Huck's control, and says she doesn't know what he is talking about. He then reminds her again about her assignment. He wonders if she is still a gladiator. Quinn began to express her distaste for him, and he forced a kiss on her. She kissed him back and said if he isn't going to kill her to get out of her apartment, which he does.

Mama Said Knock You Out

Getting Quinn out of Charlie's reach, he tells her he wants her "out of B613". Quinn wonders what's changed, as last week he wanted to kill her. She wonders if the way it works is that Huck decides when she is or is not a gladiator and when she should be "put down". She reminded him how he licked her face before ripping out her molars. That's how it goes, she says, and storms out after she licks his face, mirroring what he did to her.

The Fluffer

Flesh and Blood

The Price of Free and Fair Election

Season 4

Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia

Quinn is said to constantly check up on "Randy" who is suffering the loss of Olivia's guidance.

The State of the Union

Huck acts very "icy" toward Quinn as they are assigned to babysit the Elliotts. They argue about Quinn bringing Huck's family to him after he said he did not regret yanking her teeth out because it was suppose to teach her a lesson, and he said that he would do it again. Later, Huck finally reveals his short relationship with Quinn to a shocked Olivia.

Gladiators Don’t Run

Quinn is seen defending Huck to Jake after he witnesses Huck's "work". She even implies that she has long forgiven Huck for hurting her and states that he always finds his way out of a dark place. However, It doesn't take long for Quinn to snap when Huck verbally states the possibilities of Olivia's situation, stating he is a "sick bastard".


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