4x08 - Huck and Javi

Huck's Family

Appearances: Season Two, Season Three, Season Four



Known family membersEdit


  • Huck is a member of the crisis management team at Olivia Pope's consulting firm, Olivia Pope & Associates. He is a former black ops agent/assassin for B-613, the top secret sub-division of the CIA. Fresh out of college, "Huck" enlists in the marines as a Private First Class (PFC) leaving his girlfriend Kim behind. Shortly after beginning his tour in Kosovo he is called back to the United States where he meets with Crosby and is offered a position with the CIA, at the meeting he also met Charlie for the first time.
  • Kim is Huck's wife and the mother of his son, Javi. She works at a library where she reads books to little kids. When she became pregnant and told Huck she was concerned he didn’t want the child by his expression. But was happy when he said he did want the baby. They got married and bought a house. Charlie paid a visit to meet her and that's when Kim learned that Huck had a secret, but not what the secret was. After that she never saw him again.


Javi 01 - 407
  • Javi is Huck's son. Javi doesn't know that he met his father when he was five years old. They met at a subway where Huck was living. Javi asked his mom – Kim – for a dollar to give to him. Kim has been raising Javi on her own. Five years after Javi met Huck on the subway station not knowing who the homeless man was Huck goes to Kim's house to see his son; but she won't let him. Huck finds another way to connect with his son. Javi & Huck began playing online video games against each other. However, Javi is very much like his father in that he is tech savvy.


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Serial Killer Huck His Double Life02:27

Serial Killer Huck His Double Life

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