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Portrayed by Guillermo Díaz
6x04 - Huck 01
OPA Character
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Full name: Diego Muñoz
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Residence: Washington D.C.
Current Occupation:
  • Associate @ OPA
    Specialty: Computer Tech
    Spy Craft & Espionage
Past Occupations:
Past Relationships:
  • Javi (son)
Character Information
First appearance: Sweet Baby
Latest appearance: Where's the Black Lady?
Appearance Count: 57

752... 752... 752... 752...

— talking to himself, Seven Fifty-Two

Huck, real name Diego Muñoz is a member of the crisis management team at Olivia Pope's consulting firm, Olivia Pope & Associates. He is a former black ops agent/assassin for B613, the top secret sub-division of the CIA.


Fresh out of college, "Huck" enlists in the marines as a Private First Class (PFC) leaving his girlfriend Kim behind. Shortly after beginning his tour in Kosovo he is called back to the United States where he meets with Crosby and is offered a position with the CIA, at the meeting he also met Charlie for the first time. There, he was trained by Charlie and became an asset to intel gathering through torture and technology.

He becomes a part of the CIA-funded, top-secret, off-the-books program, "B-613", with "Charlie", "Wink", "Matches", "Paul Gray", "Melvin Feen", and their case officer, "Crosby". In this program, they killed 3 world leaders and made it look like a heart attack.

At one point, Huck's enjoyment of his job began to disturb him and, because of the nature of his connection with CIA, his past connections and everything he had was taken from him, leaving him homeless and without any money when he contracted out. One day while on the subway, Olivia Pope finds and helps him. He has since then stayed away from his past activities and has been helping out at her firm as their tech guy.



Kim is (or was) Huck's wife. They married and bought a house when Kim found out she was pregnant shortly after Huck started working for the CIA. Even though he knew he was not supposed to be married or have kids he still chose to do so because he loved Kim. Not too long after their son, Javi, was born Charlie payed a visit to their home reminding Huck about the "rules" at the CIA. Huck knew he had to get Kim and Javi far away from Command, Crosby and the CIA so he had them pack up. But before he could get away with them, he was taken away by the CIA. Kim never saw him again! It is unknown whether or not she divorced him or kept his last name - whatever that may be - or had Huck claimed dead. (Seven Fifty-Two)

Olivia Pope

Olivia saved Huck from a life on the streets as a homeless man. She enlisted his help for the Grant campaign, while he was still homeless. (The Trail / A Criminal, A Whore, An Idiot, and A Liar) Huck is the only person that Olivia truly trusts with all of her secrets; they both understand each other, in many ways they are very alike. Olivia has been the only one to get Huck out of his daze, just as he's been the only one to get her out of her daze. (Truth or Consequences / Seven Fifty-Two)

Becky Flynn

Huck met Becky at an Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meeting. (Beltway Unbuckled) She pursued him and he eventually asked her out on a date; he goes to Harrison for guidance on where to take a girl out for a date; Abby and Quinn help out to groom Huck for his first date. (All Roads Lead to Fitz) Things get bad when it is revealed that Becky was the one who attempted to assassinate the president. He had planned to run away with her but changes his mind at the last minute and then she kills his "family"; Huck is then detained by the government under the patriot act. (Blown Away) After weeks of being tortured he tells his torturers that he'll talk but only to the men behind the mirror, after he learns that the president was not dead yet he tells them - "she's not done yet. David Rosen gets him released into Olivia's custody. He assists the government to get Becky in custody. And at that point she reveals her real name to him... Kate. (One For the Dog)

Quinn Perkins/Lindsay Dwyer

Brief background... On Olivia's order Huck saves Quinn from being arrested in California for the murder of six Cytron employees, including her boyfriend at the time Jesse Tyler. He brings her to DC and sets her up with a new identity.

For more on Quinn's relationship with Huck visit their relationship page: Huckelberry Quinn


Charlie is Huck's mentor. He trained him in the art of torture and killing. But Huck eventually wanted out of the life, Charlie helped him by faking his death. Seven Fifty-Two) Although he in sense Charlie saved Huck's life, Huck does not see him as an ally instead he views him as an enemy. He blames Charlie along with Command for separating him from his wife and son.


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