Portrayed by Chad Donella
4x12 - "Full Circle" Olivia and Ian 003
Character Information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Mercenary
  • Otto
  • Mike
  • Pete
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Chad Donella
First appearance: Run
Latest appearance: No More Blood
Appearance Count: 4

Gus was one of the kidnappers who snatched up Olivia Pope.


The character of Gus is a recurring character for the second half of the fourth season of the series.


Gus is one of the kidnappers hired by Ian Woods and Andrew Nichols to kidnap Olivia Pope. He helped his best friend Otto while she was held hostage in the fake prison. A while after Olivia was kidnapped and Ian McCloud (aka Ian Woods) was presumed dead Gus took Olivia on one of her bathroom breaks. She managed to get away from Gus by knocking him out. - "Run"

Gus popped back up a few weeks later when Ian and Olivia were working on auctioning her off to the highest bidder; "the woman who could control the President of the United States." After not liking Ian's plans Gus killed Ian and changed the plans. - "Gladiators Don’t Run"


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