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5x13 - Cyrus Beene and Francisco Vargas

Cyrus and Francisco is the relationship between Cyrus Beene and Francisco Vargas

Appearances: "Wild Card", "The Fish Rots from the Head", "Pencils Down", "Trump Card", "That's My Girl"

Cyrus Beene and Francisco Vargas are running for the new President and Vice President of The United States of America.

Season FiveEdit

Cyrus Beene becomes interested in him as the next President of the United States and claims that his cousin passed away and he had to attend his funeral when he was actually going to watch one of Vargas' meetings about his Education Bill.

Ethan claims that the only problem with Vargas is that no one knows who he is. Cyrus fixes this by sending a gun man into the building that Vargas is in and having him be shot by Tom Larsen in order to have Vargas look like a hero and get him on everyone's radar.


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