5x05 - Fitz 1

Fitz Grant's Impeachment

Appearances: "Dog-Whistle Politics", "You Got Served", "Get Out of Jail, Free"

Fitz' Impeachment was one of the main story lines in Season Five of Scandal.


The Bipartisan investigation in the Senate that

includedSenator Linda Moskowitz and Senator Stanley Gibson opened an investigation into Fitz Grant and his presidency after his relationship / affair with Olivia Pope went public.

Fitz Grant's Impeachment InvestigationEdit

After David Rosen calls a meeting with Fitz, he informs him that he is going to be investigated and that may lead to his impeachment. David advises Fitz to get the best lawyer he could find, when asked who David would pick, he suggests Patty Snell. As soon as Patty arrived in the Oval she took control of the situation and gave the senators what they wanted.

Shortly after the investigation starts a tape from America's War with West Angola is found, thankfully David Rosen kept the file in his office, Olivia tells Fitz that someone found the tape and that he needs to say that he never found it. The only two people to know that fitz saw that tape was Andrew Nichols (who is still in a coma) and Cyrus Beene; Cyrus will use the tape against Fitz if he has to. So, with no other option Fitz gives Cyrus his job back (after a long discussion with Cyrus telling Fitz that he is his soul and he will do whatever it takes to protect the President and Fitz admitting that he has made mistakes and forgotten that they were family.) as Chief of Staff and immediately fires Elizabeth North.


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