First Lady Bitsy Cooper
Portrayed by Carol Locatell
4x06 - Bitsy 1
White House Character
Character Information
Full name: Bitsy Cooper
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Hair color: White
Eye color: Brown
Occupation: Former First Lady of the United States
  • Bitsy
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Carol Locatell
Appears in: "An Innocent Man"
Appearance Count: 1

I DID ALL THAT! ... I strengthened the military. I pushed the tax code through. I negotiated the Baltic peace to accords. Brezhnev wouldn't budge because he knew Havel was already halfway to disintegrating communist rule. But I knew if we could just get everyone in the same room together, I'd talk Coop through it step-by-step!

An Innocent Man

Bitsy Cooper was a former First Lady of the United States, she was married to President Randolph Cooper who died in 2013, the first year of President Grants second term.


The character Bitsy Cooper was a guest character in season four episode "An Innocent Man" of Scandal.


Bitsy came into the White House to help Mellie planning the state funeral for her husband former President Cooper. But Bitsy didn't actually came to help Mellie, she just appeared to be for the public' sake. She didn't care about any of this. Bitsy didn't like her husband Cooper because according to her, he used to sleep with anything with a pulse.

She also told Mellie that she was actually the one behind every great work her husband did to the country. She and Mellie have similar situations about their husbands.


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Scandal 4x6 Meet Bitsy Cooper02:55

Scandal 4x6 Meet Bitsy Cooper


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