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First Lady Bitsy Cooper
Portrayed by Carol Locatell
4x06 - Bitsy 1
White House Character
Character Information
Full name: Bitsy Cooper
Gender: Female
Hair color: White
Eye color: Brown
Occupation: Former First Lady
  • Bitsy
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Carol Locatell
Appears in: An Innocent Man

I DID ALL THAT! ... I strengthened the military. I pushed the tax code through. I negotiated the Baltic peace to accords. Brezhnev wouldn't budge because he knew Havel was already halfway to disintergrating communist rule. But I knew if we could just get everyone in the same room together, I'd talk Coop through it step-by-step!

An Innocent Man

Bitsy Cooper was a former First Lady of the United States, she was married to President Randolph Cooper who died in 2013, the first year of President Grants second term.




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Scandal 4x6 Meet Bitsy Cooper02:55

Scandal 4x6 Meet Bitsy Cooper


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