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Elizabeth and Huck

Appearances: "Where's the Black Lady?", "No More Blood", "Thwack!"

Elizabeth North and Huck met when Andrew Nichols kidnapped Olivia Pope - they help each other out now and again.

Season FourEdit

After Olivia Pope has been kidnapped and due to her connection with Andrew Nichols Huck goes to visit Elizabeth at her house - with his tools - and threatens to snap her daughter, Jane North's, neck if she doesn't help get Olivia home safely. Huck gave her twenty-four hours. She tried but couldn't get Andrew to cave, so Huck returned the following night and tortured Elizabeth.

Trying and failing to get Andrew to cave, Elizabeth went to the only person she knew could get rid of him; Huck. Originally Elizabeth wanted Huck to kill Andrew but Huck said he didn't do that anymore, so instead Huck gave him a stroke.

Season FiveEdit

After almost a year Andrew Nichols resurfaces and regains the ability to speak tells The White House and Lillian Forrester that he's going to write a tell-all book; starting with the truth about how he had a stroke. After having a meeting in The White House kitchen, Elizabeth goes to North gives Huck information on where to find Andrew and again asks him to finish the job. But instead Huck sedates Andrew and brings him to Olivia Pope, who eventually kills him herself.


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