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Elizabeth North's Penthouse

Appearances: "The Last Supper"

Elizabeth North's Penthouse is a located at The Finley in Washington D.C and was used as a "safe house" for Dan Kubiak.

About Edit

While Olivia Pope & Associates were investigating Caitlin Winslow’s Murder, Elizabeth North becomes ones of their clients because she thinks that someone is bugging her phone; a lot of people want her removed as the head of the Republican National Committee.

Olivia Pope finds out that Cyrus Beene is the person bugging Elizabeth's phone because Michael is feeding her information about Fitz Grant's administration. Olivia cannot tell Elizabeth that is it Cyrus because she will try to destroy both Cyrus and Fitz; she eventually does some digging of her own and leaks images of Cyrus sleeping with the prostitute Michael Ambruso to get back at the both of them.

Huck is sent by Olivia to Elizabeth's secret penthouse; Huck and Quinn that Elizabeth North is working with Dan Kubiak and she is hiding him in her penthouse, they also find out that Elizabeth is in a relationship with a mystery man, who turns out to be Vice President Andrew Nichols.



Scandal 4x8 Huck's son sees too much

Scandal 4x8 Huck's son sees too much