[[File:|670px|center|Elizabeth North's House]]

Elizabeth North's House

Appearances: "Where's the Black Lady?"

Elizabeth North lives in her house with her daughter Jane North.


Season FourEdit

After Olivia Pope has been kidnapped and due to her connection with Andrew Nichols Huck goes to visit Elizabeth at her house - with his tools - and threatens to snap her daughter, Jane North's, neck if she doesn't help get Olivia home safely; Huck gave her 24 hours.

Twenty-Four hours wents past, Elizabeth tried but couldn't get Andrew to cave, so Huck returned the following night. Prepared, Lizzie got a detail to stay outside her house incase Huck came back; unfortunately Huck found a way into her house and was lying and Jane's bed while she was sleeping. Huck repeated the words "What to do?, what to do?", he showed her his toolox and the screen goes black. Later we find out that Huck tortured Elizabeth, when she goes to Mellie Grant for help. "Where's the Black Lady?"



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