Elise Martin
Portrayed by Mia Maestro
5x04 - Elise
Deceased Character
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Full name: Unknown
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Episode of Death: Get Out of Jail, Free
Cause of Death: Shot by Franklin Russell
Past Occupations:
  • B613 Agent
Past Relationships:
Character Information
Portrayed by: Mia Maestro
First appearance: "Dog-Whistle Politics"
Final appearance: "Get Out of Jail, Free"
Appearance Count: 3

Elise Martin was a B613 agent and Jake Ballard's wife.


The character Elise Martin was a supporting character for the fifth season of Scandal portrayed by Mia Maestro.


Season FiveEdit

When the Louvre was set on fire, Jake Ballard went to see Rowan in prison. Jake thought it was B613's Lazarus and he decided to investigate. He took Charlie with him to Paris, France and Charlie introduced him to "Elise". It was very clear that Elise knew who Jake was and visa-versa.

Death Edit

Elise was murdered. It was unknown who killed her and why. Then, later, it is revealed that it was Franklin Russell who killed Elise, he was also the reason behind Lazarus 1.



Jake Ballard Edit

Jake and Elise were married long before Jake met Olivia. Jake moved on from Elise because he thought she was dead since they were both spies. When the Lazarus 1 happened and Jake and Charlie went to Paris, they met again.

Jake told Elise how they were great together and then they still have feelings for each other so they stayed married. Jake convinced Elise to come to D.C with him and she did. But then later, Jake found out that Elise is only in D.C, U.S because she was on a mission of killing Rowan from the people running Lazarus 1.

After Olivia called Jake to tell about her engagement to Fitz, Jake suddenly changed his mind and asked Elise what's the plan and told her that he will meet her up at the Union Station. However, when he got to the Station, he found Elise dead sitting on a bench.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • According to Jake, she was a lot like Olivia.
  • Elise Martin is not her real name. It's just an alias that she lived by in France.
  • The real name of her is unknown.


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