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Eli Pope
Portrayed by Joe Morton
4x22 - Rowan Pope 2 (Official)
B-613 Character
Biographical Information
Full name: Elijah Pope
Status: Alive
Residence: Georgetown, Washington D.C.
  • Command
  • Rowan
  • Damascus Bainbridge
Current Occupation/s:
  • Command of B613
  • Curator at the Smithsonian
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Past Relationships:
Character Information
First appearance: "Snake in the Garden"
Latest appearance: "That's My Girl"
Appearance Count: 32

You think the world is terrible with me in it. Wait 'til you see what it's like without me.

— Rowan to Olivia Pope, The Last Supper

Elijah Pope also known as Rowan, is Olivia Pope's father. He was also the commanding officer for the CIA division of B613 until the President fired him, after a brief absence he regained his post as Command taking it back from Jake Ballard.


The character of Rowan Pope is a supporting character who made his debut in the last half of the second season of the series. His character returned for the third season and fourth season with major story lines explaining Olivia's past with her family. Since his debut in Snake in the Garden he has been in every episode until the second episode of season four, The State of the Union, which has been the first and so far only episode he has not been in since his debut appearance.


Rowan was known as "Command" to Charlie and Huck and many other CIA off the book operatives on US Soil, Rowan was their boss before Charlie faked Huck's death and Charlie himself eventually deserted the program (Seven Fifty-Two). Charlie did actually come back to Wonderland later in season 3. Rowan was the man on top of the CIA B613 top assassins, and its clandestine division. It is important to note that even though Rowan has been "Command" for more than 22 years, he did not start the B613 program. Proofs can be heard in Season 3 when President Fitz asked Cyrus in the oval office how to get rid of B613, and Cyrus hushed the President and gave hint of B613 existence back to the days of US President Kennedy 1963 assassination in Dallas.

Another proof that Rowan did not start B613 program is in Season 3 finale when Rowan tells President Fitz at the Pentagon that B613 is not an individual but an organization "you cut of the head of the snake ... another comes up.

His plan is to keep Olivia Pope & Fitz Grant apart from each other. He sent Jake Ballard to gain Olivia's trust and spark a relationship with her; he also instructed Jake to sleep with her. He wants Cyrus Beene to show the tape of Jake and Olivia making love to Fitz in order to keep Fitz away from Olivia. His intentions and true identity are unknown until his Olivia walks out of her apartment building into a media circus questioning her about being Fitz's mistress; his men pull her into a limousine where he awaits; Olivia responds... "Dad"! (White Hat's Back On)

When he first started working in the intelligence field, back when Olivia was younger, his cover was being a Curator of antiquities at the Smithsonian. He went to Princeton and graduated in 1967 just prior to being recruited by the CIA. (It's Handled)


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