David Rosen and Elizabeth North met when Cyrus told David to investigate Elizabeth before her tell-all interview with Sally Langston on The Liberty Report.

  • David and Elizabeth are called DizzieBear by their Scandal fans (Gladiators)

Season FiveEdit

When Elizabeth North was invited onto The Liberty Report, she threatened to tell Sally Langston everything about Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant's relationship. She only wanted a place back in The White House after she was fired when Fitz gave Cyrus Beene his old job back as Chief of Staff. To try and change Elizabeth's mind, Cyrus tells David Rosen to tell her that she can't do that under the United States law and that doesn't work at all. To make Elizabeth happy, Fitz gave her the job of Susan Ross' Chief of Staff. Elizabeth then went back to The Department of Justice to visit David Rosen to get her seized laptop back, Elizabeth gets David to admit he likes her before sleeping with him.

Elizabeth wanted Susan Ross to run for President because she told her that the American people like her; and because Elizabeth wants to get into the Oval office. After Susan refused and kept saying no, Lizzie told David to tell Susan to run for President after a heart-to-heart and a quick make-out session with David, Susan finally agreed to run for President; thanks to David calling her a "Warrior".

David broke up with Elizabeth when he fell in love with Susan and to stop hurting Susan. They still worked together to help Susan but that didn't last very long, as Susan dropped out of the Presidential race because David lied to her. Cyrus Beene asked David if he wanted to be the next Vice President of the United States of America; he said he would think about it. David was about to accept Cyrus' offer when Cyrus decided to to put himself up for the job. This led David to sob in his offer (knowing he may be fired by Fitz Grant and loosing his position as next Vice President) and again making out with Elizabeth.

The Love TriangleEdit

Main article: David and Susan

Susan Ross has a crush on him. David bought Elizabeth a bracelet for the holidays but she didn't want it, so when Susan went to see him in his office he gave it to her instead. Susan gave Elizabeth a scarf as a holiday present and Elizabeth noticed the bracelet on Susan's hand.


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