6x08 - David Rosen and Samantha Ruland

David and Samantha

Appearances: "Trojan Horse", "Mercy", "The Box", "Head Games"

Samantha Ruland and David Rosen started dating when Samantha and Theodore Peus started to blackmail Abby Whelan.

Season SixEdit

Samantha Uses DavidEdit

When Abby went to David's house to get his help with her "Peus" situation, she ran into Samantha. Samantha told her that they had thought of everything, she wasn't going to let Abby use David for help and get her way. When Olivia Pope & Associates and Jake Ballard found out about Samantha and Theodore, Jake went to warn David.

Samantha's ArrestEdit

Olivia Pope & Associates made a fake drone attack, so they could arrested Samantha and get as much information out of her as possible to find Theodore and find out who hired them to kill Francisco Vargas. Jake Ballard took the tracker out of her neck, he used emotional tactics to make her break and give him the information that he needed. The last resort they told David to talk to her but not to get to close and Samantha into his head.

Samantha's MurderEdit

After killing her, Rowan gave David Samantha's head to find out about her real true identity. He brought it to Abby's home and they called Jake to find the real information about her. Later they found out that her real name is Gertrude and that she and Peus were actually just taking orders from someone else.


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