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David's Attorney General Confirmation

Appearances: "Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia, "The State of the Union"

David Rosen's Attorney General Confirmation was a story line from Season Four of Scandal.

Cyrus Beene Nominates David RosenEdit

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It is time for President Fitz Grant to choose a new Attorney General for his administration and the Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene knows just the right man for the job, David Rosen. David is obsessed with getting justice, which makes him the perfect candidate.

While Fitz is very happy to be nominating David, the Republican Party is not, mainly the Head of the Republican National Committee Elizabeth North, she believes David is a terrible choice.

The RNC's Plan FailsEdit

4x01 - Cyrus Beene and Elizabeth North 02

Elizabeth wants David to decline his nomination but David wants to win! As Head of the RNC, Elizabeth has a lot of power; and she used that power to try and persuade Cyrus Beene that David Rosen is not the right nominee for Attorney General. She went into Cyrus Beene's office with pictures of David's ex-Wife; who had been domestically abused, she tells Cyrus that these pictures (if they get out to the press) would hurt David and Cyrus in this process. Unfortunately the pictures didn't work, everyone loves David Rosen and becomes the new Attorney General.