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Darby Stanchfield
2016 Annual EMA Awards - Darby Stanchfield 01
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: April 29, 1971
Birth Place: Kodiak, AK
Hair color: Ginger (naturally)
Appearance Information
Portrays: Abby Whelan
First appearance: Sweet Baby

Darby Stanchfield - born April 29, 1971 in Kodiak, AK - is an American actress who portrays Abby Whelan on ABC's Scandal.

Personal Background

Her father was a commercial crab fisherman. The family later moved from Kodiak to Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands, and finally Mercer Island, near Seattle.

She attended the University of Puget Sound, graduating in 1993 with a degree in Communications and a minor in Theater. She later went back to acting school at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

Darby spent her vacation between Season Two and Season Three vacationing throughout Europe. While there she stopped in Monte Carlo where her and Once Upon a Time actor Colin O'Donoghue got the chance to meet Prince Albert and Princess Charlene. [1]

Career Background

She has made guest appearances on numerous popular TV shows, but is best known for her role as Leroy Jethro Gibbs' (Mark Harmon) dead wife, Shannon Gibbs, on CBS's No. 1 drama NCIS. Other notable roles she's known for are April Green on Jericho and as Helen Bishop on the period drama Mad Men

Scandal - Gladiators Wanted

Main article: Scandal - Gladiator Wanted

Darby Stanchfield created and directed Scandal - Gladiator Wanted a Scandal web series. Gladiators Huck, Quinn, Marcus Walker and Charlie are tasked with finding an intern for Olivia Pope & Associates. All six episodes were released on the Scandal ABC website Thursday January 19, 2017; ahead of the Scandal Season Six premiere.


Darby Stanchfield

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Darby's - Behind the Scenes Photos




'Scandal's' Darby Stanchfield On The Season 6 Premiere 'Minds Will Be Blown'05:26

'Scandal's' Darby Stanchfield On The Season 6 Premiere 'Minds Will Be Blown'

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