Dan Kubiak
Portrayed by Kevin Fry-Bowers
4x05 - Dan Kubiak
Deceased Character
Character Information
Full name: Daniel Kubiak
Hair color: Brown
Episode of Death: The Last Supper
Cause of Death: Throat slit on glass by Huck
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Kevin Fry-Bowers
First appearance: The Key
Final appearance: Where the Sun Don't Shine

Dan Kubiak is Head of Security at Jeremy Winslow's Law Firm and the corrupt Police Officer. He is also the man responsible for the murder of Katherine Winslow and Jeremy Winslow's daughter Caitlin Winslow and her friend Faith.


The character Dan Kubiak was a recurring character in Season Four of Scandal. He was part of the season storyline involving Jeremy Winslow, Elizabeth North and Vice President Andrew Nichols.


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Jeremy Winslow shot himself in front of Quinn because he couldn't bare all that was going around him, the fact that Kubiak killed his daughter and may be coming after him as well. Kubiak has been hiding with Elizabeth North and Quinn Perkins has been looking for him since his fathers death. ("The Key")

Dan and Elizabeth discuss what happened on the day Jeremy Winslow killed himself. It is then discovered by Quinn Perkins and Olivia Pope & Associates that Elizabeth, Andrew and Kubiak have been planning to start a war between West-Angola and the U.S., by setting up the bombing, and kidnaps Olivia to force Fitz to declare a war. ("The Last Supper")


When Dan left Elizabeth North's Penthouse; so Elizabeth and Andrew could be alone, he saw Huck and Quinn in the stake-out van. He then proceeded to go the van; gun in hand. He broke through the van window, dropping his gun and tried to strangle Quinn. Quinn tried to help Huck by attacking Kubiak with a screw driver but Kubiak knocked her back into the van equipment, Huck killed Kubiak by slitting his throat on the broken glass in the van window. "The Last Supper"

Not long after his death, Quinn Perkins cut Kubiak's finger off to access Jeremy Winslow's law firm; which is discovered to be the West Angola Commercial Organization. ("Where the Sun Don't Shine")


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