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David and Abby

Appearances: Season Two, Season Three

David and Abby is the relationship between David Rosen and Abby Whelan

  • They are called DAbby by Scandal Fans (Gladiators)


Their relationship started early on in the beginning of season two, around the time Abby was suspicious of Olivia and David was digging his own personal vendetta / investigation into Olivia. After Abby broke up with David based off of false information they continued to have a sexual relationship.

Season Two

Hunting Season

David makes his first move on Abby, only intending to get information about Olivia Pope he strikes up a conversation with Abby at a bar. The conversation ends with sex at Abby's place.

Beltway Unbuckled

Abby has yet to come over to David's house; which is probably a good thing considering his Olivia obsessed wall. Alissa warned David to be careful that "Ging" (Alissa's nickname for Abby) doesn't see the wall. To little too late, with all of David's stalling about Abby coming over to his place, she breaks in to check things out for herself and stumbles upon the infamous wall. Later that night when David's home - and in the shower - Abby surprises him and they begin to talk about Olivia Pope. David tells Abby all about his thoughts on the conspiracy.

All Roads Lead to Fitz

After David was offered his job back on the condition that he drop his investigation into Olivia Pope; he accepts after meeting with Steve Doherty, who was not who David thought he was... could that be because he was a plant? Abby learns that he was a plant and goes to tell David. Their investigation into Cytron, Olivia Pope & Quinn Perkins / Lindsay Dwyer continue.

Spies Like Us

Big brother Harrison gets Abby to start thinking about what she really knows about David. Of course she's doing this because Olivia asked him too. So Abby looks into David's past and finds that one of his past girlfriends "fell down" a flight of stairs. Being a victim of spousal abuse Abby knew what that meant and broke up with David. Even though everything Olivia & Harrison planted was a lie and the ex they paid off lied; which Abby didn't learn almost 3 months later give-or-take.

Nobody Likes Babies

After the "bobble head" recordings from David's apartment are brought to the OPA office. Abby listens to all of the recordings including a shocking statement David made while Abby was asleep. He expressed his love to her on night - while she was asleep, when they were still together. After spending the entire night in the office listening to those recordings repeating the same "I love you" on over-and-over Abby storms into Olivia's office the next morning telling her that she's only going to ask her this once... "did you pay Teresa Dunn to lie about David?" Olivia responds truthfully; Abby wants to know who she used. Once she learned it was Harrison she storms out of the OPA office and goes right over to David's and tells him that she loves him too. After David leaves for court, for the Defiance trial, Abby sneaks into David's closet to steal the Cytron card out of his safe.

Boom Goes the Dynamite

Although they're not "together" anymore they continue to have have sex... basically friends with benefits.


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