4x17 - Cyrus and Michael 01

Cyrus and Michael's Wedding

Appearances: "Put a Ring On It"

Cyrus and Michael's Wedding is one of the main story lines in Season Four of Scandal.


When Elizabeth North leaked photos of Cyrus and Michael to the press, Olivia Pope wanted to spin the affair between Cyrus and Michael as a love story. One where Michae gets a healthy payday for his future. But, at first Cyrus refused to go along with the plan. After "retiring" from office, Cyrus lets the world know he's back on top by going on TV with broadcast journalist Noah Baker declaring that he and Michael are engaged. "Where the Sun Don't Shine"

Wedding Edit

Michael has a wild night out on the town which made him appear in every major news channel in D.C. Following this Sally Langston set a $10,000 reward for anyone that could prove that Cyrus and Michael's wedding was a sham. Olivia Pope & Associates and The White House has to make sure that the wedding not only went ahead as planned but that it looked real as possible. Elizabeth North organised for Cyrus and Michael to have dinner with Micahel's parents; who he had not talked to in years. At the dinner Michael's parents let Michael know how disappointed they were in him and that they were only there because Elizabeth paid them more than his Dad had ever earned. "Put a Ring On It

Before the WeddingEdit

Wedding GuestsEdit


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