Cyrus Beene and Michael Ambruso met at a bar via Elizabeth North.

Season Four

Elizabeth North becomes concerned about Fitz's new direction, so she hires a man to flirt with Cyrus; this man is Michael Ambruso. Elizabeth sends Michael to meet Cyrus, so he can seduce him and feed her top secret information from The White House. "The State of the Union"

Michael starts to fall in love with Cyrus; which makes Elizabeth retaliate by leaking pictures of Michael and Cyrus together. Olivia Pope proposes that Cyrus and Michael get engaged to try and spin the leaked story in their favour. At first Cyrus is against the idea, but after having a heated conversation with Olivia, he agrees. "Where the Sun Don't Shine"

Cyrus and Michael's Wedding took place at The White House with the help of Olivia Pope & Associates. "Put a Ring On It"

Season Five


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