3x14 - Cyrus and James

Cyrus and James

Appearances: Season Two, Season Three

Cyrus and James is the relationship between Cyrus Beene and James Novak

Season TwoEdit

James and Cyrus met on the election campaign for Fitz Grant's primary run against Sally Langston. They started a secret affair, being in the political spotlight Cyrus knew he couldn't be "out" as a gay man. But eventually, after Fitz gets elected, he learns that it was the worst kept secret in Washington D.C. from Olivia. "(Happy Birthday, Mr. President)"

Their relationship gets hits a road bump when James starts digging in too deep about the Defiance conspiracy; Hollis Doyle threatens Cyrus that he'll have him killed if, "you don't put your wife on a leash. "(All Roads Lead to Fitz)"

But James doesn't stop even after Cyrus asks him nicely to stop. In a heated moment Cyrus does admit the truth to James about election rigging. One would think that things were better with them after he admitted the truth, well then one would be wrong! They only put up a front that things were fine. James finally lets Cyrus back in and home once James comes to grips with why he was really angry at Cyrus. But everything's not fine and dandy just yet, looks like couples counseling is in their future. "(Molly, You in Danger, Girl)"

Season ThreeEdit

Cyrus lost James when he was murdered by Jake Ballard to cover up the truth behind Sally Langston killing her husband Daniel Douglas Langston. B-613 made James' murder look like a carjacking; he does not know the truth. After learning the news he was in shock but then to keep his mind off of it he had to work. And once The White House was ready to give a statement about the investigation of James' murder Cyrus himself wanted to go up to the podium and brief the press. He tried but had a flashback of when he and James went public with their relationship and began breaking down in front of cameras and several White House Press Corp. reporters. Olivia was going to go up and help him but Fitz acknowledged he'd take care of him. Fitz stepped up into the podium and took Cyrus who began crying into his shoulder he walked him off the stage. "(Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)"


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