Cyrus Beene and Elizabeth North' work together in the White House, they don't like each other. Elizabeth North was the Head of the RNC and Cyrus Beene calls her "Lizzie Bear" (she doesn't like that).

Season FourEdit

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She gets angry when Cyrus Beene wants David Rosen to become the new Attorney General. Just as David is about to be confirmed Attorney General, Elizabeth shows Cyrus pictures of David's ex-wife; who has been a victim of Domestic Violence. She tells Cyrus these pictures will hurt David as a candidate for Attorney General and Cyrus for nominating him. Elizabeth North then creates a scheme which would allow her to diminish President Grant and get information from the White House. She does this by having a prostitute named Michael Ambruso to sleep with and get information from Cyrus. When Cyrus is bugging Elizabeth's phone, she retaliates and leaks pictures of Michael and Cyrus together, leading Cyrus to quit as Chief of Staff.

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After Andrew Nichols kidnaps Olivia Pope Elizabeth is visited by Huck, he says she has 24hrs to find Olivia or he will kill her daughter Jane North. Huck returs when he said he would and there is still no sign or Olivia, so Huck tortures Elizabeth. After Andrew is found out by Cyrus, he gives Elizabeth an ultimatum; as she cannot leave the country and she doesn't want to go to prison, he tells her to testify against Andrew and after that she will become Cyrus' 'Bitch'. To get away from Cyrus, Elizabeth becomes Mellie Grant campaign manager.

Season Five Edit

When it is revealed that Rowan had huck kill all of the jurors on their bus, Mellie tells Elizabeth everything that happened between her and Rowan. Elizabeth helped Mellie become Virginia's new Senator, but she told Fitz about Rowan threatening Mellie; not knowing who Rowan was. As retaliation, Fitz kicked Mellie out of the White House and had Elizabeth replac

Season SixEdit

Elizabeth was still working in The White House after Susan Ross quit as a Presidential candidate, she offered to be Cyrus Beene's Chief of Staff after Francisco Vargas was murdered but that never happened as Cyrus was arrested for Francisco's murder. Elizabeth needed a new job, Abby Whelan offered to give her a job but only if she went to visit Cyrus in Prison, to tell him that he wasn't going to get the Death Penalty. She rejected this offer.


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