Cyrus Beene
Portrayed by Jeff Perry
7x01 - Cyrus Beene 01
White House Character
Biographical Information
Full name: Cyrus Rutherford Beene
Status: Alive
Residence: Georgetown, Washington, D.C.
  • Cy
Current Occupation/s:
  • Vice President of the United States
Past Occupations:
  • Vice President-elect of the United States
  • Francisco Vargas' Campaign Manager
  • The White House Chief of Staff
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: White
Eye color: Blue
Current Relationship:
Past Relationships:
Character Information
First appearance: "Sweet Baby"
Appearance Count: 108

I stole the White House! I wasn't made to be Chief of Staff! Do you know what I was be? I was made to be the President of the United States.

— Cyrus to James, Nobody Likes Babies

Cyrus Beene is the 51st and current Vice President of The United States of America. Before that, he was the Chief of Staff of the former President Fitz Grant until he was replaced with Abby Whelan. He was married to James Novak until he was murdered. He has a daughter named Ella Beene whom he adopted together with James.


Cyrus first met Mellie & Fitz, along with Jerry Grant approximately 18 years before Fitz was elected president. (Everything's Coming Up Mellie)

Cyrus was offered the chance to run Harvard University but turned it down to work with Fitz. He is the first gay Chief of Staff. He's married to James Novak, together they have a daughter, Ella. Cyrus gave James a child to get him to stop looking into Defiance. (One For the Dog)

Cyrus eventually admits the truth about election rigging to James, putting their relationship on the rocks to the point where Cyrus was kicked out of their house and living in a hotel for almost a month. (Molly, You in Danger, Girl)

After months and months of dealing with many political issues for Fitz as well as martial problems with James Cyrus has a health scare. Rowan Pope pays Cyrus visit outside The White House; Cyrus gets a phone call from Olivia that puts him into a panic; which results in him having a heart attack. (White Hat's Back On)


Although Cyrus has a daughter, he hates kids. Cyrus will do whatever he has to do to get what he wants or to stop anything from happening that he doesn't want to happen. He is a hungry political monster who will use any trick that's in the book or worse trick that they don't put in the book because they're that bad.



James NovakEdit

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Michael AmbrusoEdit

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Hellen BeeneEdit

Cyrus' mother, she sent him packages each week with a book, and a little note spoiling the book. He loved them, and she meant so much to him. Sometimes it was the only thing he' smile about in a week. He loved his mother, she meant the world to him.


Fitz GrantEdit

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Olivia PopeEdit

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Cyrus uses Charlie to do his dirty work, the dirty work that Cyrus himself can't officially do or even "unofficially" do. Cyrus had Charlie kill Amanda Tanner to keep her from spilling the President's secrets. (Crash and Burn / Grant: For the People)

Cyrus was forced to cut all ties from Charlie after a visit from the Rowan Pope. Charlie was burned by B613 and went to Cyrus for help, but Cyrus turned him away claiming he had no idea who he was. (Any Questions?)


  • He is the first openly-gay White House Chief of Staff and later the first openly-gay Vice President.


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