Clarence Parker
Portrayed by Courtney B. Vance
4x14 - Clarence Parker 03
Character Information
Full name: Clarence Parker
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Courtney B. Vance
First appearance: "The Lawn Chair"
Appearance Count: 1

Clarence Parker is the father of Brandon Parker that was killed and framed by a Police Officer.

Season FourEdit

17-year-old Brandon Parker was shot dead by a white police officer, he was a suspected shoplifter who allegedly pulled a knife. Brandon’s father, Clarence, pulled the trigger on his shotgun and he wanted to see the man who killed his son. Clarence takes a lawn chair, puts it over his sons body and takes a seat. Video footage of the shooting shows Brandon reaching into his pocket in an aggressive manner, it's not clear if he has a knife, but Olivia tells Clarence they can check for one; which means moving Brandon. Clarence removes his chair, Marcus helps him check the body, there is a knife underneath. An angry Clarence turns his gun on Olivia, he eventually lowers it screaming that his son doesn’t carry a knife, he retakes his seat.

Back at the office Olivia Pope & Associates finds evidence that there a suspect already in Officer Newton’s patrol car, This individual had a knife. It’s the same one that was planted on Brandon Parker, Olivia tracks down the real suspect and She also exposes Officer Newton for the truly enraged individual that he is, David Rosen announces to the world that the cop has been arrested.

Olivia lets Clarence know that his son was reaching for a receipt for the cell phone he was accused of stealing. Clarence lowers his gun, he steps away with Olivia, who assures him that no one is going to arrest him. The two of them then head over to the White House where the President of the United States Fitz Grant offers his condolences. Clarence lets Fitz know that his son’s name was Brandon just before breaking down in his arms.


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