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Charlie and Quinn

Appearances: Season Three, Season Four, Season Five, Season Six, Season Seven

Charlie and Quinn met when Rowan hired Charlie to train Quinn Perkins into a B613 agent.

  • Charlie and Quinn are are called CharliQuinn by Scandal Fans (Gladiators)


Season Three Edit

Charlie helped Quinn to hit a targets bullseye in a gun range, which began their romantic and professional relationship with each other. ("More Cattle, Less Bull" and "Icarus")

Season Four Edit

When Charlie was locked in a cage and about to get tortured by Jake to get him to tell the truth about Rowan killing both Harrison and Adnan Salif, he told Jake that if he can get Quinn here, he will talk. Jake fulfilled his request, got Quinn and Charlie told Quinn he missed her. ("Inside the Bubble")

Season Five Edit

Quinn and Charlie were supposed to go away for the weekend but instead she helped him babysit a son of Charlie's old friend. After babysitting together, Quinn was surprised about how Charlie is good with kids and told Marcus and Huck that she thinks Charlie would make a great father. ("Wild Card")

Season Six Edit

Charlie proposed Quinn to marry him at the beginning of season six. Quinn didn't like the idea at first but later she said yes. They are due to get married soon and also expecting their first child together. ("Transfer of Power")


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