Charles Putney
Portrayed by Michael Trucco
4x07 - Charles Putney
Character Information
Full name: Charles Putney
Status: Alive
Gender: male
Hair color: brown
Eye color: blue
  • Chip
Past Occupation(s):
  • Candidate for the Senate
Current Relationship:
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Michael Trucco
First mentioned: "The Trail"
Appears in: "Baby Made a Mess"
Appearance Count: 1

Charles "Chip" Putney is Abby Whelan's ex-husband and was a candidate for Virgina’s U.S. Senator.


The character Charles Putney is a guest character appeared in the season four episode "Baby Made a Mess", portrayed by Michael Trucco.


Charles married Abby as a political marriage. Over time, he becomes abusive towards her. One night, he broke 3 of her ribs, her jaw, and threw her out in the snow wearing her nightgown. Abby called Olivia, who rescues Abby and breaks Charles' knee with a tire iron.

After a sex scandal involving Senator McDonell, Mcdonnell resigns from the senate. The president endorses Charles Putney as the next Virginia senator. Susan Ross, whose campaign is run by Olivia, runs against him. After Abby tells Leo Bergen about her and Chip’s relationship, Leo ruins Chip's campaign by telling the press that Charles set up the sex video scandal, forcing him to withdraw his candidacy.



Abby Whelan

Charles was married to Abby as a political marriage for years. When he became abusive to her, Abby left him and later Olivia helped her filed a divorce from him.



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