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This page consists of deceased characters from the show, murdered, assassinated or died. All deaths are listed in order by episode.

Season One | Season Two | Season Three

Season One

Amanda Tanner: Amanda was kidnapped and then assassinated by Charlie, the hit was ordered by Cyrus Beene (Enemy of the State).

Gideon Wallace: Gideon was murdered by Billy Chambers when Gideon threatened to expose Billy for sending Amanda Tanner in to sleep with the President. (The Trail / Grant: For the People)

Season Two

Britta Kagen: Britta was the first to bite the dust of the season, she was a casualty of the assassination attempt on President Fitzgerald Grant set up by Becky Flynn, ordered by Verna Thornton. (Defiance / Happy Birthday, Mr. President)

Jerry Grant: Through a series of flashbacks the character of President Grant's father, Jerry Grant, was revealed; not long after his introduction he died of a heart attact. The last conversation he and his son had was a heated one. To this day it still haunts Fitz. (A Criminal, A Whore, An Idiot, and A Liar)

Jesse Tyler: Through flashbacks it was revealed exactly how and by who Jesse Tyler who was killed. Becky Flynn sent a package with a bomb to - Cytron - his place of work, she set up his girlfriend - Lindsay Dwyer - to take the fall by sending the package in her name. The hit was order by Hollis Doyle because Jesse was threatening Hollis that he'd go to reporters if he didn't get paid more for his part in the election rigging. (Truth or Consequences)

Verna Thornton: Next to go was Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton, she "officially" died of complications from liver cancer but was in fact assassinated by President Fitzgerald Grant after she told him about the election rigging. (Nobody Likes Babies)

Grayden Osborne: CIA Director Grayden Osborne was found dead from what looked to be a suicide; but it was revealed he was assassinated. (Snake in the Garden) Billy Chambers admitted to David Rosen that he was in fact the one who killed Grayden Osborne. (White Hat's Back On)

Molly Ackerman: Not too long after Grayden's assassination Molly was murdered but made to look like a hit-and-run. (Molly, You in Danger, Girl) Billy Chambers also admitted to David Rosen that he killed her when OPA got too close and figured out that she was playing them. (White Hat's Back On)

B-613 Female Operative: Also known as "Perky Counter Girl" (PCG), was killed by Jake Ballard when she - PCG - attempted to kidnap Olivia Pope for command. Jake shoot her in the head when she broke down Olivia's apartment front door. (White Hat's Back On)

Season Three

Daniel Douglas Langston: He was murdered (stabbed to death) by his own wife - Vice President Sally Langston - after she learned of his infidelity with James Novak. Sally being an extremely religious woman broke and attacked her husband. With the help of Cyrus Beene, Charlie & Quinn Perkins Daniel "officially" died of a heart attack! (YOLO / A Door Marked Exit)

James Novak: He was killed by Jake Ballard to cover up the secrets of Daniel Douglas' death. Along with James, reporter Vanessa Chandler and NSA Analyst Shelby Moss were executed as well. Jake spared only one of the four people who could out the truth about Sally Langston, that one person being David Rosen. (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)


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