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Carla Steele
Portrayed by Lauren Stamile
Press Character
Character Information
Occupation: Broadcast Journalist
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Lauren Stamile
First appearance: Everything's Coming Up Mellie
Final appearance: No Sun on the Horizon
Appearance Count: 3

Carla Steele is a broadcast journalist, political moderator and interviewer.


The character of Carla Steele was a minor recurring character in the third season of the series.


Carla was first seen when she did a piece about the First Lady and what she does in the East Wing of The White House. She shadowed Mellie for a few days. Then on the last day she did an interview with both Mellie and President Grant, an interview that was meant to boost Mellie's image (Everything's Coming Up Mellie)

A few months later after President Grant announced who his running mate would be in his reelection Carla was ready to break a story about Governor Andrew Nichols use of Oxycotin when we was Fitz's Lieutenant Governor. However Olivia Pope and her team managed to kill the story. (We Do Not Touch the First Ladies)

Carla was the moderator for the the first presidential debate with Governor Reston, Vice President Sally Langston and President Grant. (No Sun on the Horizon)


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