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Candace Marcus
Portrayed by Sally Pressman
Other Character
Character Information
Status: Alive
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
  • Campaign Manager
  • Candi
  • Josie Marcus (biological mother)
  • Louise † (grandmother)
  • Brent (second-cousin)
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Sally Pressman
First appearance: More Cattle, Less Bull
Latest appearance: Vermont is for Lovers, Too
Appearance Count: 3

You were 15? 30 years ago?

— Candace to Josie, More Cattle, Less Bull

Candace Marcus is Josie Marcus' biological daughter, but is more like her sister.


The character of Candace Marcus is a recurring character for the beginning of the third season of the ABC series, Scandal.


Season 3

Candace and Josie grew-up as sisters; their mother, Louise, took this secret to her death. It wasn't until Josie decided to run for President of the United States that Candace learned of her true identity, when Josie was participating in a Presidential Democratic debate. Her biological father is Billy Joe Lee, they have never met.

Candace felt betrayed and after a short time for her to think, the started talking to Josie and their relationship began to change. She works as Josie's campaign manager for her run at Presidency. (More Cattle, Less Bull)

After the revelation of who Candace really is to Josie, she continued to work on Josie's campaign as her Campaign Manager. Now more than ever she is more protective of her big sister / mother. After Olivia shows Josie a fake political advertisement to get Josie all fired up, Candace figures out that it was really Abby Whelan and Huck who put the Ad together. She realizes that "The Gladiators" will do anything for their clients to help them succeed. (Icarus)

Her mother/sister, Josie, covers for Candace after Candace staged a fake break-in/robbery at their residence. Candace plants her laptop, with campaign strategies on it, at Reston's headquarters in D.C. After OPA discovers this, they recommend to Josie that she fire Candace, but instead Josie takes the fall by dropping out of the Democratic presidential campaign. (Vermont is for Lovers, Too)