4x09 - Winter Finale Clues

Caitlin Winslow's Murder

Appearances: "Inside the Bubble", "The Key", "The Last Supper",

Caitlin Winslow's Murder was one of the main story lines in Season Four of Scandal.

Caitlin is MissingEdit

Caitlin's mother Katherine Winslow calls Olivia Pope when her daughter Caitlin Winslow goes missing after a little spat. Jeremy Winslow is a high-end lawyer is out of the country, Katherine doesn't want to worry him with what's happened. Olivia assures her friend that they'll find Caitlin, and they do. Katherine heads off to talk to her stepdaughter at the hotel where she's been staying. While Olivia Pope & Associates are investigating the disappearance of Caitlin, the police charge Katherine with her daughters murder.

Caitlin's MurderEdit

Dan Kubiak is Head of Security at Jeremy Winslow's Law Firm West Angola Commercial Organization and the corrupt Police Officer. It is proved that he killed Caitlin Winslow because she tried to steal evidence. He also killed Caitlin's friend Faith for stealing a key from the West Angola Commercial Organization.

It is discovered by Olivia Pope & Associates that Elizabeth North, Andrew Nichols and Dan Kubiak have been planning to start a war between West-Angola and the United States of America by setting up the bombing, and kidnaps Olivia to force Fitz to declare a war.

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