Dana Lowry
Portrayed by Tina Lifford
6x01 - CIA Director Lowry 01
Character Information
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
  • CIA Director
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Tina Lifford
First appearance: "Where's the Black Lady?"
Latest appearance: "A Stomach for Blood"
Appearance Count: 5

Dana Lowry is the director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Season FourEdit

Olivia tells the Director of the CIA about the top secret spy organization that’s run by her father. A Code Bravo Five is ordered. Olivia isn’t sure what that is, but it sounds like good news. Elsewhere, Cyrus pays a visit to Rowan/Eli/Command/Damascus, who says the president’s Chief of Staff now owes him a favor for killing all those grand jurors. After all, he thwarted the attempted exposure of all the scandals that would bring him down.

Cyrus meets with CIA Director Lowry warning her not to poke the lion that is B613. A short time later, Olivia and Jake are escorted to adjoining jail cells. After that, Cyrus makes a veiled threat on Abby’s life in order to get David to play ball. The Attorney General produces affidavits for both Olivia and Jake to sign recanting everything they’ve said about B613.

Season SixEdit


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Olivia and Jake "B613 is real" Scandal 4x22

Olivia and Jake "B613 is real" Scandal 4x22