Brooke Foster
Portrayed by Kristin Carey
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Press Character
Character Information
Hair color: Red
Occupation: Broadcast Commentator
  • Conservative Pundit
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Kristin Carey
First appearance: Beltway Unbuckled
Latest appearance: Where the Sun Don't Shine
Appearance Count: 4

"Wife's lover… two men's lives ruined by ruined by – I'm sorry – a horrible woman. Horrible! A modern-day Lady Macbeth."

— Brooke's opinion on the Joan Reston scandal!,
All Roads Lead to Fitz

Brooke Foster is the equivalent to Nancy Grace on the ABC series Scandal.


The character of Brooke Foster is a minor recurring character who has appeared in the second, third and fourth seasons of the series.


Brooke is a controversial political commentator who expresses her views on any political issue or scandal going on in D.C. Some of those scandals included the Jenny Nystrom case about the "innocent" girl who was missing only to find out that she was a slut sleeping her way around D.C.'s highest political figures - ironically except for the president. Jenny was later discovered to have been murdered. (Beltway Unbuckled)

A couple of weeks later, Brooke went on to report about Samuel Reston, governor of Maryland, and his wife's - Joan Reston - torrid affair, with their contractor Bill Meyer. Her lover was shot and killed by Governor Reston because he thought Bill was raping his wife. (All Roads Lead to Fitz)


Season One:
Season Two:
Beltway Unbuckled
All Roads Lead to Fitz
Season Three:
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Season Four:
Where the Sun Don't Shine
(credited as "Conservative Pundit")
Season Five:
Season Six:
Season Seven: