Britta Kagen
Portrayed by Keiko Agena
Deceased Character
Character Information
Status: Deceased
Born: 1980
Episode of Death: Happy Birthday, Mr. President
Cause of Death: Shot; died in surgery
Occupation: White House Press Secretary

Former BNC Journalist

  • 2 unnamed daughters
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Keiko Agena
Appears in: Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Oh and you might get asked questions about this explosion in California.

— Britta to Olivia referring to Cytron,
Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Britta Kagen was The White House Press Secretary who once worked under Olivia Pope during President Fitzgerald Grant's first 100 days in office. After Olivia's departure from The White House, Britta was given more responsibility.

She was among the people shot by the remote-controlled sniper rifle set up by Becky Flynn ordered by Verna Thornton at the President's birthday gala. She was the only fatality; President Grant survived and Secret Service Agent Hal Rimbeau only suffered a graze. (Happy Birthday, Mr. President)

When Verna admitted to President Fitzgerald Grant that she ordered his assassination attempt she referred to Britta as collateral damage. (Nobody Likes Babies)



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