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Billy Chambers
Portrayed by Matt Letscher
Character Information
Full name: Wiliam David Chambers
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Blond
Eye color: Blue
Residence: In prison
Occupation: Former Chief of Staff
to Vice President Langston
Past Relationships:
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Matt Letscher
First appearance: Dirty Little Secrets
Latest appearance: White Hat's Back On
Appearance Count: 8

Well she did the same thing to me, and look what I've become! I was the Vice President's chief of staff and now... now I'm a freakin' murderer!

— Billy admitting to David Rosen; referring to Olivia Pope,
White Hat's Back On

William "Billy" David Chambers is the former Chief of Staff to former Vice President Sally Langston.


The character of Billy Chambers was a major supporting character for the first season of the series; he made his dramatic return in the end of the second season.


Billy started off as campaign manager for Senator Sally Langston when she was running in the Republican primary election against Governor Fitzgerald Grant, III. Billy was willing to go to any length to have Sally be the first female President. Going as far as recording Governor Grant sleeping with a campaign aide - Olivia - during their campaign trail. Billy was angered when Sally accepted Grant's offer to be his Vice President on the general election ticket. However, he held onto the sex tape until the time was right. (The Trail)

Gideon Wallace discovered that Amanda Tanner's lover inside The White House was, in fact Billy Chambers. He realized that although Chambers had provided him with a breaking story, Billy was the one who sent Amanda in to seduce the president. When Gideon threatened to go public with that evidence, Billy killed him  and tried to go on as if the day was normal. Instead he turned in his resignation to Vice President Langston and interrupted a press conference to accuse the president of having an affair with Amanda Tanner and being the father of her unborn child. (The Trail / Grant: For the People)

Billy was a main player in the Fitz-Tanner scandal because he was desperate to get his boss, Sally, elected as president. Sally later holds a press conference throwing her former right-hand man under the bus, and Billy is devastated by this turn of events. After convincing Charlie not to kill him Billy disappears and doesn't reappear until over year-and-half later. (Grant: For the People / White Hat's Back On)

It was revealed that Billy ended up being the mole, Albatross, responsible for the deaths of Grayden Osborne, Molly Ackerman and Wendy. (White Hat's Back On)



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